Bill Abrams | Using the GCQuad to Improve Short Game

The GCQuad is a fabulous tool that enhances my coaching ability and allows me to better pinpoint metrics and communicate to players of all levels. I have used it as much or more with wedges and putters as I have with full swings. Consistency is key to all shots and truly on scoring shots.

With greenside wedges, we focus on launch, spin, A of A, ball speed, carry distance and the correlation all of these have on one and other. Focusing on these key metrics allows me to help players realize the trajectory they need to hit effective shots from all lies including bunkers. Narrowing in on these metrics gaining consistency allows players better understand and plan out shots on the course - trajectory, spin, and run out. The technology is immensely valuable as we can read shots at 3 feet carry and less. I have used Foresight on short, greenside wedges dating back to my original GC2. The ability to analyze the shortest shots helps players of all abilities to find better shots through applying technique to allow them to repeat a shot pattern. Utilizing the technology also allows us to help players know when it is time to replace wedges due to wear and groove deterioration.

Face angle metric also allows us to establish is the bounce is being properly applied to shots when players are having issues. Showing the correlation of turf interaction with metrics allows us to apply technique allowing players greater control of short shots.

With putters, simply setting up with the Foresight alignment rod and a point of reference (putting mirror or tee gate) to find consistent path, closure rate, arc, launch angle allowing players to find a stroke pattern that fits them.

The biggest thing I emphasise to players as we utilize the Quad technology is there is no perfect, but there is prefered and consistent metric numbers. Too often I find players attempting to “zero out” their short game numbers and this can be and is detrimental in many cases. The Quad is a wonderful tool allowing me to analyze metrics from every club in the bag with shots of every distance. Better understanding leads to better application and better results on the course.