Corporate Resources

Welcome to PEAK Certified Professional Training! Your team has a custom-built PEAK course designed to help you master the ins and outs of golf club and ball analysis together.

Creating your account, logging in, and accessing your course

  1. Visit and follow prompts to create new account.

  2. Send your Student Administrator (SA) your new username. They will be able to add you to your team’s PEAK course.

    Please Note: You will be unable to locate the customized PEAK course until your SA has added you to the course, so don’t worry if it does not appear in your course catalog!
  3. Your SA should notify you when your account has been granted access to your PEAK lesson.

  4. Click the “My Courses” icon in the left hand navigation bar to access your PEAK course.
    You should see “Your Team Name Here - PEAK Level 1: Launchpad Course.”

  5. Click on “Your Team Name Here - PEAK Level 1: Launchpad Course.” to begin your lessons. Enjoy!

Please Note: Your SA will be able to track your logins, progress, and scores.

For Student Administrators: Managing your team

This section is designed to guide you through managing your team’s progress once your custom course has been set up. If your custom PEAK course has not yet been set up, please email

Adding Members

  1. Click the “Users” icon in the upper right navigation.

  2. Click “Add members.”

  3. Enter each team member’s username in the designated text field. In the “Roles” section, select “Student.” This will grant them access to all course content, but not visibility into other Students’ progress or results. Click “Add users.”

    • To add a new student (team member) to a course they must first have registered a PEAK account, providing you with their username for reference.

    • You will have to enter users one at a time, and should see a confirmation notification at the top of your page after clicking “Add users” every time to confirm that that user has been added to your course.

Viewing Your Team’s Results

  1. Click the “Group Statistics” icon, also in the upper right navigation.

  2. Select the correct year/month for the data you want to view.