Our Mission for Players

Developed by award-winning PGA Professional Instructor Liam Mucklow with the help of renowned instructors including Martin Hall, Butch Harmon, and Peter Kostis, PEAK Certified Professional Training has a singular mission for players - to offer a comprehensive spectrum of educational programs and tools that elevate your understanding of the dynamic elements that influence game performance.

Powered by the game's most advanced performance-measurement technology, PEAK delivers cutting-edge instruction designed to raise your performance insight to the next level.
Because the more you know, the better you'll play.

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What You'll Learn

PEAK Certified Professional Training is designed to take players step-by-step through every aspect of understanding, measuring and evaluating the factors that impact their game performance.

Starting with our Level 1 curriculum, you'll learn the fundamentals necessary for true performance insight, including:

  • How launch monitor technologies measure club head and bal performance
  • Key club head and ball performance definitions and metrics
  • Best practices for interpreting and applying performance metrics to your game
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Key Benefits

Staying in top playing form doesn't just require constant practice, it requires constant learning.

With PEAK Certified Professional Training, you not only get cutting-edge training that's tailored to your ongoing performance goals, you also get ongoing tips and personal insight from a world-class team of players and coaches that you can take to the range or .

  • Cutting-edge, video-based online training
  • Ongoing tips and insight from top players and coaches
  • Complete access to the video and article library
  • Complete access to the Instructor Forum
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